बेज़ुबान फिर से Bezubaan Phir Se (Reprise) Lyrics In Hindi – ABCD 2

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Bezubaan Phir Se (Reprise) Song Lyrics Description From Movies- ABCD 2

Lyrics Title: Bezubaan Phir Se (Reprise)
Movies: ABCD 2
Singers: Shraddha Kapoor, Neel Sharma
Lyrics: Mayur Puri.
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Music Company: Zee.

बेज़ुबान फिर से Bezubaan Phir Se (Reprise) Song Lyrics In Hindi:

Tooti hai roothi hai
Haathon se chhooti hai
Maana teri roshni
Gehra andhera hai do pal thehra hai
Rang aasmaano ka bhi
Aasaan raahon ko tune liya kab hai
Ziddi savere tere
Apne se waadon ke sau sau iraadon ke
Dil mein basere tere

Wo jo keh paaye na zubaan teri
Wo aankhen teri karde bayaan
Paanv tere kahin roke rukenge na
Ho khud pe yaqeen jo tera..

Teri kahaani, teri zubaani
Sunega ye saara jahaan

Bezubaan kabse tu rahaa
Begunaah sehta kyun rahaa

Winning on this path
I don’t wanna feel no doubt
And when I am all alone
And I start thinking about
Suffering in silence
And the consequence I had
Now the only difference is the confidence I have
Should’ve started out this song saying
Nothing but bye to other cops
That try to hide from other lies that you lie

Wo ho.. khawabon ka tere qissa hai
Tera haq, tera hissa hai
Tujhse na chheene jahaan

Ho.. teri intehaan dekhega
Aaj aasmaan dekhega
Kya hai tera faisla

Bezubaan kab se tu rahaa
Begunaah sehta kyun raha (x2)

I don’t wanna not be livin’ cause what could happen
Who you tellin’ me to be something I can manage
Feelin’ like I’m ready after carrying all this baggage
It used to be challenge and it switch to an advantage
Toughened by the failure and now strengthened by victory
Feedin’ of the pain even though it’s contradictory
Misery is something that I see as a mystery
Periphery is empty and rest is move to history

Teri intehaan dekhega
Aaj aasmaan dekhega
Kya hai tera faisla

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Lyrics Summary:

Song Rating: 3.5 of 5
Movies: ABCD 2
Actors: Varun Dhawan
Actress: Shraddha Kapoor
Singer’s: Shraddha Kapoor, Neel Sharma

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